Table.read vs table.read() ??
(too old to reply)
Ken Walker
2018-03-29 14:10:22 UTC
Yes, this is a beginner's question....
I've read the PyTables Table docs...and not understanding.
I discovered it matters if you use () with Table.read. :)

When I do the following I get a NumPy array, and can use NumPy attributes
and methods:

eigen_vec2 = disp_table.read()

print (eigen_vec2.dtype)

print (eigen_vec2.size)

However, when I do the following I get something different.

Not sure what the object is, or how I work with it.

More importantly, is there any reason I would use this method?

eigen_vec = disp_table.read

print (eigen_vec)

description := { ...

print (eigen_vec.size)

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