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Francesc Alted
2016-07-11 12:43:37 UTC

There is an ongoing effort for creating a book with examples of use of
different projects related with the PyData community. I know that there is
quite a large userbase behind PyTables, so if there is anyone interested in
sharing their experience using PyTables for creating a chapter for
inclusion in that book, I want to hear from you. Actually, if your project
uses not only PyTables, but numexpr or Blosc too, that would be a good
bonus because the latter projects are also welcome in the book. I think
this book is a nice project that can give visibility not only to
PyTables/numexpr/Blosc, but also to projects to top of them.

Finally, besides the guys that are working on the project already (see
below), I can certainly help people on the making of this specific chapter.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration!

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From: Andy Ray Terrel <***@numfocus.org>
Date: 2016-07-10 19:04 GMT+02:00
Subject: PyData Community Cookbook
To: Anthony Scopatz <***@gmail.com>, Francesc Alted <***@gmail.com>
Cc: pydata-***@numfocus.org

Dear PyTables Project Leads:

The NumFocus Foundation is excited to share that they are partnering with
Addison-Wesley to publish a book featuring PyData related projects. The
goal of this undertaking is to introduce programmers and data analysts to
the open source ecosystem of projects in Python supported by the NumFocus
Foundation, with all royalties going to the foundation. We are asking the
project leads to help us pull together a cookbook of applications, with
each project to donate a chapter that includes an interesting problem best
suited for your software to solve and code, along with a description of the
project, and how to contribute to the project. We know that project leads
are often the busiest people in the community, so the hope is that you or
someone on your project could mentor a more recent contributor or student
with suggesting an idea, and reviewing the chapter draft.

Leah Silen and Andy Terrel are working closely with Debra Williams Cauley
at Addison Wesley to pull the project together. Debra will coordinate
editorial support including peer review of the manuscript, developmental
editing, technical editing, copyediting and proofreading. Jake Vanderplas
and Katy Huff will continue to advise and assist with the project. We hope
that you join our enthusiasm about the book that will showcase the amazing
NumFocus projects, and the communities that have evolved through the PyData

Please let us know if you are able to contribute to this work or can
recommend others who might be able to.

-- Andy
Andy R. Terrel, PhD
President, NumFOCUS
Francesc Alted
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