[ANN] Datasette-PyTables 1.0.3
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Javier Sancho
2018-06-22 12:00:31 UTC
# Announcing datasette-pytables 1.0.3

## What's new

This new release of datasette-pytables fixes a compatibility problem
with last versions of Mozilla SQL Parser, which is used by
datasette-pytables for translating queries from SQL to PyTables syntax.

## What it is

Datasette-PyTables provides a web interface and a JSON API for
[PyTables](https://github.com/PyTables/PyTables) files, allowing them to
be accessible for e.g. Javascript programs. It works in conjunction with
[Datasette-Core](https://github.com/PyTables/datasette-core), a trivial
fork of the original [Datasette](https://github.com/simonw/datasette),
which provides a web interface for SQLite files. This fork is able to
work with SQLite files, like the original project, but can accept
external connectors for any kind of database files, so you can develop
your own connector for your favourite data container if you want (read

## Resources

Visit the main datasette-pytables site repository at:


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